Bart De Muynck

Chief Industry Officer

Tara Cordyack

Director of Sales,

Supply chain visibility is one of the biggest challenges for location-driven businesses today.

Disruptions during the COVID pandemic showed that supply chain operations need modern technology to support real-time decision making and management.’s Director of Sales, The Americas, Tara Cordyack, and Chief Industry Officer at project44, Bart A. De Muynck, dive deep into supply chain problems and how to solve them.

They’ll dissect the role of mapping and logistics technology in building a resilient supply chain, and discuss how to create deeper visibility at various levels of supply chain management — be it sourcing, routing, scheduling, dispatch or last-mile delivery.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • Pains and pitfalls of supply chain management
  • Insights on how to increase supply chain visibility — from the first mile to the last
  • Best practices for collecting location data and predicting ETAs
  • Enabling seamless, accurate navigation for complex scenarios like mixed fleets, gig workers, etc.
  • What it takes to achieve delivery accuracy with inaccurate addresses

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