Drive Productivity With Dynamic Routing and Dispatch of Field Visits

Make service operations more efficient, transparent and profitable with automated routing and dispatch. Build trust with customers and boost NPS.’s APIs and SDKs Account for the Challenges and Complexities of the Dynamic Field Service Industry

Custom Maps
Custom Maps and POIs

Simplify complex navigation between streets and buildings

Route Planning
Dispatch & Route Planning

Use live location, traffic and route data to maximize coverage and minimize cost

Electric Vehicle
Accurate ETAs

Build custom EV routes around battery usage and charge patterns

Precision Tools
Track and Trace Routes

Improve ETA accuracy and user safety by 30%

A Suite of Tools to Build Your Field Service Solution

Improve asset utilization, coverage and task completion

Utilize assets efficiently to their full potential and give every customer the best possible service by automating order assignment and dispatch of field technicians to specific tasks and routes.

Mobility Visual
Mobility Visual

Build customer trust and optimize operations with transparency

Track the ground truth of driver locations and timelines, and trace routes taken with full telemetry.

Provide accurate ETAs to customers, accurate routes to assets on ground and better turn-by-turn visibility to operations teams.

Prioritize scheduling, assignment and dynamic rerouting of multiple assets offers automated order assignment, routing and dispatch. Optimal routes are generated to maximize visits completed and minimize costs.

Aside from area of service, factor in parameters like skills, shift timings, service capacity, service windows, etc.

Mobility Visual
Mobility Visual

Provide in-app navigation that incorporates restricted zones and roads’s Navigation SDK delivers a seamless in-app turn-by-turn navigation experience.

It works in conjunction with our Route Editing Tool, enabling custom restrictions and closures based on vehicle types, road access permissions, date and time restrictions, road space rationing schemes and other rules.

Reconstruct routes taken and calculate mileage-based payouts

Snap GPS signals to the road network with precision to trace routes taken and determine mileage accurately.

Quickly and easily calculate reimbursements for field visits using post-trip route analysis to avoid confusion and dispute.

Mobility Visual

An Overview of's Field Services

The Complete Package for Field Service Solution

Distance Matrix API

Distance Matrix API

Accurate ETAs and distances with matrix size of 5000*5000

Routing API

Routing API

Truck-optimized routes with all constraints applied

Navigation SDK

Navigation SDK

Smooth and safe navigation experience for drivers

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